Articles in Academic Peer-Reviewed Journals

Mocombe, Paul C., Carol Tomlin, and Cecile Wright (2014). “A Racial Caste in Class: Race and Class Distinctions within Black Communities in the United States and United Kingdom.” Race, Gender, & Class, 21, 3-4: 101-121.

Mocombe, Paul C., Tomlin, Carol, and Victoria Showunmi (2014). “Jesus and the Streets: A Hermeneutical Framework for Understanding the Intraracial Gender Academic Achievement Gap in Black Urban America and the United Kingdom.” Language and Sociocultural Theory, 1 (2), pp. 151-178.

Mocombe, Paul, Tomlin, Carol, and Cecile Wright (2014).  “A Structural Approach to Understanding Black British Caribbean Academic Underachievement in the United Kingdom.”  Journal of Social Science for Policy Implications, 2 (2), pp. 37-58.

Mocombe, Paul C., Carol Tomlin, and Cecile Wright (2013).  “Karl Marx, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Black Underachievement in the United States and United Kingdom.”  Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, 7, 4: 214-228.


Mocombe, Paul C., Carol Tomlin, and Cecile Wright (2013).  “Postindustrial Capitalism, Social Class Language Games, and Black Underachievement in the United States and United Kingdom.”  Mind, Culture, and Activity, 20, 4: 358-371.


Mocombe, Paul (2011).  “Role Conflict and Black Underachievement.”  The Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, 9, 2: 165-185.


Mocombe, Paul (2011).  “A Social Structural Reinterpretation of ‘the Burden of Acting White’: A Hermeneutical Analysis.”  Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 32, 1: 85-97.


Mocombe, Paul (2010).  “Why Haiti is Maligned in the Western World: The Contemporary Significance of Bois Caiman and the Haitian Revolution.”  Encuentros, 8, 16: 31-43.


Mocombe, Paul (2006).  “The Sociolinguistic Nature of Black Academic Failure in Capitalist Education: A Reevaluation of ‘Language in the Inner City’ and its Social Function, Acting White’.”  Race, Ethnicity and Education, 9, 4: 395-407.


Mocombe, Paul (2006).  “The Gentrification of Africa in the Contemporary Capitalist World System: Reply to Kelsall and Gberie.”  Globalizations, 3, 3: 413-417.


Mocombe, Paul (2005).  “Where Did Freire Go Wrong?  Pedagogy in Globalization: The Grenadian Example.”  Race, Gender & Class, 12, 2: 178-199.


Mocombe, Paul (2004).  “Who Makes Race Matter in Post-Industrial Capitalist America?”  Race, Gender & Class, 11, 4: 30-47.


Mocombe, Paul (2003).  “Rhetorical “Being”: Understanding Agency in Structur(ealism).”  FACS, 6: 155-164.


Articles in Edited Texts


Mocombe, Paul (2008).  “Beyond Master and Slave, Subject/Object, Self/Other in the Contemporary World-System: A Critical Understanding of Identity Construction and the Islamist Movements.”  Pp.  in Islam and the Orientalist World-System, edited by Khaldoun Samman and Mazhar Al-Zo’ by. 


Mocombe, Paul (2004).  “The Institutionalization of Poverty in the Third World: The Case of Grenada.”  Pp. 395-416 in Sustainable Development Policy and Administration, edited by Gedeon M. Mudacumura et al.  New York: Taylor & Francis.




Mocombe, Paul C. (2014).  [Review of the book Decentring the West: The Idea of Democracy and the Struggle for Hegemony].  Democratization, 21, 1:1-3.


Mocombe, Paul (2008).  [Review of the book Minority within a Minority: Black Francophone Immigrants and the Dynamics of Power and Resistance].  Canadian Ethnic Studies, 40, 2: 221-223.

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